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It's The LUXlife for Bondi Chai

Posted by The Buzz Team

A lot of hard work goes into the glitter and sparkle... of our awards, that is.


In addition to the multiple wins we’ve already had over the years; we’re still adding to our collection. Most recently we were awarded Best Chai Latte 2021 in LUXlife Magazine’s 2021 Food & Drink Awards in the UK.




LUXlife Magazine is an online luxury lifestyle magazine, with a readership north of 230,000 around the globe, who have been publishing articles about fashion, fine dining, travel, luxury, real estate and much, much more since 2015.


So, how did we win an award on the other side of the planet? Well, there are chai lovers all over the world and one of them in the UK happened to nominate us when the floor opened for submissions. We’re extremely grateful to them!



The team at LUXlife understand that in an ever-evolving industry, brands need to be offering the highest standards of product and service possible, so they look for merit-based factors such as business performance, longevity and growth, customer feedback and any significant product innovations.


LUX life contacted us back in July 2021 to let us know that we’d been nominated, and they did a short interview with co-founder Martin Buggy, where he talked about their fantasy goal from 17 years ago of “one million cups of Bondi Chai sold every day” and how he and partner Melissa Edyvean have gone from selling just 17kg in their first month to 75 tonnes a year.



Over the last 17 years, Bondi Chai has gone from strength to strength, leaving its mark all around the world, and Martin and Melissa don’t just credit the hard work and first-rate customer service that lies at the core of the business. Martin told LUXlife that the cafe owners who had weathered the Covid storm had made a lasting impression and he was full of praise for those who had ridden out the lockdown with incredible “resilience, flexibility and ingenuity.”


As a team here at Bondi Chai we are always immensely grateful for the support we receive from our chai-loving community, customers, and organisations like LUXlife who recognise our amazing products and business achievements. Without you all, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


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